Assassination attempt on Bolivia’s President-elect and Israel bulldozes civilian village as Americans argue over two old racists

Cable news-junkies may have learned the names of counties in Georgia and Pennsylvania, but they closed their eyes to hellfire that both US parties endorse.

David Kain
3 min readNov 7, 2020


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While US voters and onlookers trolled each other on Facebook and drank beer on their couches, Bolivia’s President-elect, Luis Arce, faced an assassination attempt from opposition forces on Thursday. On Tuesday night, Israeli bulldozers flattened the homes of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley — “leaving around 80 people homeless”.

This news may come as a shock given that mainstream media has provided little to no coverage of both stories.

On Tuesday, Israeli wrecking crews laid waste to the Bedouin village of Homsa al-Baqia. COGAT, the sect of Israel’s military responsible for the destruction, defended its decision to raze the area. The Israeli military explained that the land is military training grounds.

Israeli rule restricts Palestinian construction and development without a permit.

Among the 74 left homeless (41 being children), Abdelghani Awada explained the Israelis who arrived in vehicles and with bulldozers gave people “10 minutes to evacuate our homes”.

The reported attack was unusual because it targeted many homes at once. B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group, accused the Israeli government of exploiting the world’s pre-fixed attention on the US Presidential Elections to carry out the destruction. Roughly 800 Palestinians have lost their homes in 2020 alone.

Despite Israel’s continued assault against the people of Palestine, the United States maintains its support and admiration for Netanyahu’s Israel. President Donald Trump’s backing of the genocide-seeking Netanyahu will scarcely change under a Biden regime. Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi have detailed their support of the nation and its commander repeatedly.

Two days later, Bolivia’s President-elect was attacked with dynamite. The assassination attempt occurred at the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party headquarters. A party spokesperson, Sebastian Michel, held a press conference following the incident.

Michel said, “A few minutes ago we were attacked by a group that left a box of dynamite in the campaign house where our own President-elect Luis Arce met. We are very concerned about what is happening”.

The attack came following Bolivia’s national election on October 18, where Arce led the next candidate by nearly 20 points. No injuries were reported as a result of the assassination attempt.

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Violence has plagued the South American country long before this ambush. In late 2019, a coup d’état was carried out by US-backed right-wing forces. The coup removed the re-elected Evo Morales and installed a regime that reversed much of the progress the Morales administration had accomplished.

In turn, Morales fled the country. He is set to return to Bolivia with the support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez, and thousands of indigenous people.

Before this year’s election, Bolivia’s puppet president, Jeanine Áñez Chávez, led a campaign of massacres against indigenous protestors. Chávez’s elitist ideologies and US endorsement mirror that of another phony-leader, Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó.

Acts of inhumanity and inconceivable violence like these are nothing new. They are encouraged by a bipartisan United States government and the nation’s ruling class. You’ll never hear Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow admit to this.

Despite the public belief that there is a moral difference between the two prehistoric bogeymen running for the office of President of the United States, the reality is that both men and their apostles back and promote global acts of terror.

Neither party nor their cable news networks have publicized either story. The Trump administration has continued the wars Obama started and has slammed repeated sanctions on the world’s most vulnerable people. Biden began these wars and was an architect of the Iraq War — which claimed over two million lives.

While the Presidential Election has been a viewership draw and an entertaining social media event, the idea that either administration will be marginally better than the other is a farce. Both will maintain and continue authorizing human rights violations and acts of terror, and the majority of their constituents will remain numb to the world and in the dark. A Biden win does not mean the end of fascism and a Trump win doesn’t make America great.



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