To The Couple That Didn’t Wear Masks In Walmart

David Kain
3 min readAug 6, 2020


You’ll never read this. You’ll probably never realize why what you did was wrong until someone you know, and care about, is deeply affected.

That’s not an excuse.

In August 2020, in the United States nonetheless, there is no excuse to not wear a mask. I’m not a huge fan of being out and about right now. I keep sanitizer in my car. Keep rubber gloves on hand. Scrub hands an unprecedented amount. Though, the number is precedented nowadays.

I’ll admit, I’ve broken my code a few times. Somedays I’ve prioritized my own life and have gone around people. I’ve been to protests, went to a family wedding even. Still, wore a mask each time.

Worked my bar job and left after closing feeling dirty. Second guessed me and practiced better actions the next day. Observed other people in the wild. Each day.

There’s no way you don’t know about Coronavirus. You can’t be ignorant of the damage that this virus has, can, and will cause. Three months ago I may have chalked not wearing a mask in public up to forgetfulness. But, c’mon man. Wearing a mask in public is the baseline.

I don’t like going to stores like Walmart. For starters, I don’t like shopping at massive corporate stores like Walmart. I will if there aren’t other options, and in the hills of eastern Pennsylvania there aren’t.

Also, I don’t like crowds. Pre-Covid, during Covid, and post-Covid. The zigging, the zagging, the walking through the lady’s clothing aisles to get to the electronics. It’s obnoxious and annoying.

But, as I said, I didn’t have another option. I went there to look for a new laptop. The one I had was shitting the bed and I’m a writer. Like a painter with a snapped brush or a teacher with a chalk-less board. I need a computer.

Anyway, as I’m browsing the laptop section of Walmart’s computer section I was happy. No one else was around. A few clerks behind the desk, a woman about twenty feet away, and me. That was it. However, that changed. As if Poseidon's storm beckoned, waves crackled upon the digital shores.

People began rotating in and out. It was simple enough to dodge the bodies. A turn here, a two-step there. Easy. I couldn’t find the right unit for me, and then you two showed up.

Granted there were three of you, but I’ll give your toddler a pass. Though, your endangerment of those around you puts your child at an even greater risk.

I left the store because of you. You approached, no masks. Not even one draped across your chins. Not even a tied bandana or a knotted t-shirt. You weren’t even trying to blend in. I was fed up with eastern Pennsylvania’s, and the United States’, mentality that Covid-19 isn’t serious. I left and I’m glad I did.

I’m writing this on an overpriced laptop I got from a Staples a couple miles away. Maybe that makes me the loser in this whole internal spiel. But, I don’t care.

So, to the couple that didn’t wear masks in Walmart, please wear them. Please protect yourselves. Protect others. Please don’t be the reason you lose somebody you love. Someone I love or someone a stranger loves. Just wear the mask, whether it’s at the park, Walmart, a wedding, or at the gas station. Just wear it. Do the best you can in each situation and maybe we’ll get through this storm sooner than it looks.

Thank You,

A Humble Shopper



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